Theresa A. Groeger — Biography

Theresa A. Groeger — Vice President & Chief Of Human Resources

Professional Baker, Chef, Sustainable Tree Farmer, and Organic Gardner – Theresa joined Global Tactile in 2022, and became a Member-Owner of Global Tactile, LLC in 2023.

Theresa’s contributions have been instrumental in our most recent surge of research and product development for the Neo-Luna Navigation System and The Neo-Luna Games. Theresa has charitably furnished Global Tactile with a 5-acre semi-wooded parcel for our Cybernetic Low-Vision & Blindness Research & Product Development. Plus, Theresa offers endless supplies of delicious and amazing farm-raised, home-cooked meals and treats for her very hungry not-so-little cyborgs.

Teri has always had a passion for baking and appreciates all things homemade, including taking over her mom’s amazing garden. After high school, she pursued her dream of becoming a baker. Concurrently working at Panera, Teri’s love of baking extends far beyond her job. She delights her friends and family with both baked goods and culinary creations, infusing everything she makes with love and care.

Not content to simply share her talents with loved ones, Teri also helps seniors prepare food and delivers meals to those who are no longer able to cook for themselves. Her caring, loving, and hardworking spirit is inspired by the simple things in life and the lessons she learned from her mother and nature.

Some of Teri’s Delicious Treats