The Neo-Luna Navigation System Saved My Life.

On a beautifully cold winter’s night, I was testing The Neo-Luna Navigation System — performing blindfolded cross-country skiing across a convoluted 1,200 acre frozen lake and found myself thirsty. I bellied up to a bar, had a glass of wine, excused myself for a moment, and was promptly poisoned upon taking the first few sips of my second glass.

Knowing I was under attack, I quickly escaped and made my way across the frozen lake. I found myself using the Neo Controller to ski home as the crow flies. The Luna Navigator and Neo Controller saved me at least a half an hour of travel time, although I had to stop on the ice halfway home to evacuate the poison.

It was then that I realized that we are all blind beyond our senses, and that this technology will save people time and energy — improving lives and helping the environment by reducing energy consumption.


10 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I used the Neo-Luna navigational system to help me find more plastic eggs on Easter faster than everyone else there. Also used it to help me play frisbee blindfolded and do well.

    1. That was a fun day! Thanks! ✌️?

  2. I have had several great experiences using the Neo-Luna Navigational system. I was able to walk a course with the device to test its accuracy first without a blindfold and then with. It was an amazing experience in different ways. I got to “see” how accurate it is and then to “feel” it blindfolded. I also took part in filming for Chris as he did a marked course on our lake cross country skiing and canoeing both blindfolded several times over. Each time he was spot on in the course. I also filmed the Easter egg hunt that the grandkids took part in using the device. Great fun and a wonderful teaching tool for them. I have seen his dedication to developing this device over the years and the results are an incredible device that can be used in multiple applications from navigating to gaming and beyond for the sighted and vision impaired. Great work Chris! Thanks for your contribution to the world.

    1. Thank You for making this all possible, Your Magesty—I Love You Mother ?❤️?❤️??

  3. I used the Neo-Luna navigational system to help me play with frisbees so i could find the target and land it exactly on point. I also did an Easter egg hunt and it led me exactly to where each egg was hidden. I’ve had great experiences with the Neo-Luna navigator and I think it is a great product.

    1. We had a lot of fun! Looking forward to playing some more Neo-Luna Athletic and Wilderness Games with you! Thanks!

  4. The Neo-Luna Navigational system is a really fun and easy device that I can see becoming a tool that is utilized by many. My experience with the device was a positive one, I participated in my uncle’s Easter egg hunt where I used the device to find all of my assigned eggs under 10 minutes, during the hunt I experienced little difficulty with the technology. I really like that the functions are multi-purposeful, meaning that the device is made for everyone. Great job Uncle Chris!

    1. The Easter Egg Hunt was a great time! Thank you for playing and sharing. Looking forward to playing more Neo Luna Social Network and Athletic Games again soon!

  5. Really fun using the neo luna navigation system and very surprised how accurate it was. Can’t wait to see what applications Luna nav can be used for In the future very nice!!!!

    1. Thank you, Bryan — I appreciate your help and feedback for our upcoming hardware and software releases..

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