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Join — Cyborg Adventures Club

by Global Tactile, LLC
a stand-alone world-leader in high-performance cybernetics

Learn and Practice The Art of Cyborg Racing & Games

Modern cybernetics is about combining the human body-mind, with ancient and modern human-machine interfaces—which are interconnected with the environment and dynamic processes—to optimize actions for tasks in the physical world. The ultimate goal of cybernetics is to become super-human—i.e., to become more capable and accomplished than you would be without cybernetics.

Beginning June 1st, Cyborg Adventures Club will meet at 9:00am on the first Saturday of each month. Our first meeting will begin at Global Tactile, LLC — 155 E Capitol Drive, Suite 9, Hartland, WI, 53029.

Club Members will be able to participate and compete in Cyborg Adventures club activities at their own pace and skill level.

All are welcome. Cyborg Adventures Club is open to all ages and ability levels (children require a Couples or Family Membership with a legal parent or guardian). By joining, you will learn and practice the Art of Cybernetics, which includes a wealth of knowledge and skills, including: Computer Programming, Mechanical Engineering, Orienteering, and Physical Fitness, and much, much more!

Can’t make it on Saturday mornings? No problem! Sign up online, and you can participate and compete asynchronously from your own computer and neighborhood!

Club Membership is ON SALE! and starts at $10.00 per month. You can join anytime, and cancel your club membership anytime.

Learn more at

Be Super, Human.

Borg Up Yourself.

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Blind Navigation Integration

Neo-Luna Navigation & Game Metasystem

From Ancient to Modern Cybernetics

Here I give a brief definition of Cybernetics, with a modern “Twist”:

A Modern Cybernetics Use-Case: Search and Rescue

Here, I conduct a simulated emergency Search and Rescue mission using an optimal fractal search algorithm.

A Cybernetic Canoe

This is our first water-vessel featuring direct steering controlled by the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game Metasystem:

Check out more example use-cases for the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System at

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Blindfolded Giant Slalom Ski Racing

On February 18, 2024, Vice-President Theresa and I made history.

Using distributed cognition in constant communication, I was able to blindfolded ski through an invisible downhill giant slalom course with static (jumps) and dynamic (skiers) obstacles. The course was set with the Luna Navigator, and skied using our patent-pending Neo-Luna Navigation & Game Metasystem, as a demonstration for tactical distributed cognition.

Here are two of our numerous races—every run was successful.

We are looking forward to competing next winter. Any challengers?

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Cyborg Golfing Hartland Businesses

Yesterday, Vice-President Theresa and I developed the Cyborg Golfing Game for Businesses. Here is my first round of play & scorecard (the images count as the scorecard).

Summary of scores: I skipped the first hole, so that’s a Bogey (0 points). Then I Eagled at Birch & Banyan and the US Post Office for 3 points each. The remaining 7 holes were Birdies for 2 points each.

Total Score: 20 Points For The First Cyborg Golf Game Ever Played.

Learn More and Play Our Asynchronous Golf Tournament at

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Launch Luna!

Greetings Future Cyborgs

Welcome to the Neo-Luna Metasystem transition portal, where mortals become superhuman.

I am Dr. Kallie, the Founder and President of Global Tactile. This week, we will discuss a detailed guide on how to use the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System. Furthermore, we will cover the various licensing tiers associated with the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System. Our agenda also includes a session on optimization tips for peak cybernetic performance — through at-home learning, backyard training, and wilderness gaming.

Borg Up Yourself

Additionally, we shall examine the all-new User Manual for the newly updated Luna Navigator App, version 1.0.0. We will also explore the super-human capabilities of the high-performance force-feedback Neo Controller, delve into the intricacies of Neo-Luna Games, and discuss the asynchronous competitive Neo-Luna Racing Metasystem.

Game Reality

So, if you are a Strong, Wild, and Free American, and you wish to become superhuman, then download the Luna App (free in America!), and take notes as you prepare yourself for the Ultimate Cyborg Reality with the Neo-Luna Cybernetic Metasystem — Exclusively from Global Tactile —!

Be Super, Human

Software App & iPhone Settings

Step 1: download Luna Navigator from App Store.

Step 2: adjust your iPhone’s Compass settings for optimal cybernetic performance. For best performance of the Luna Navigator, use the following settings on your iPhone:

Essential iPhone Compass Settings:

  • Turn On — Precise Location
  • Turn On — Use True North

Highly recommended iPhone Settings for extended navigation and gaming performance:

  • Turn Off — Auto Lock
  • Turn Off — Auto-Brightness
  • Turn Off — Orientation Lock

Optional iPhone Settings: If you are blind or visually impaired, the Luna Navigator works great with VoiceOver. If you are normally sighted, and use your iPhone visually, we recommend that you do not turn on VoiceOver, unless you want to make your iPhone’s interface to behave unpredictably. VoiceOver requires training to use effectively. If you are proficient in using VoiceOver, you may follow this Guide using VoiceOver.

Congratulations! Now that you have the essential and recommended settings, your Luna Navigator will be ready for Cybernetic Racing & Games!

Quick-Start: Using the Luna Navigator

For super-fast and super-human Navigation, Cybernetic Racing, & Games, the Luna Navigator is super high performance, all within your pocket. Here’s how to operate Luna for best results:

The Luna Navigator User Interface, from top to bottom:

Luna 1.0.0 has a single, simple, and powerful User Interface. From top to bottom, the Luna Console (User Interface) displays:

Heading 000.0 Degrees
Latitude 00.000000 N -S
Longitude -00.000000 E -W
Pointer 00.0 Degrees
Distance 0000.0 Meters
Bearing 00.0 Degrees
Route 100 Map
Anticipator -+ 4.0
Magnification -+ 2.0
Trim -+ 0.0
Tracking Geometric 1
Incognito Switch
Route Information
Waypoint Information

Luna Navigator Properties

Luna Display

The Luna display features colored text over a black background for maintaining visual adaptation to the environment and battery conservation. Plus Luna is designed to send feedback signals to the Neo Controller, which eliminates retinal screen fatigue and further extends the battery life of your iPhone while navigating.

Luna displays only essential information for position and navigation, and is specifically designed to keep your eyes adapted to your environment instead of a bright screen — providing a tactical visual advantage in perceptually-challenging environments and circumstances.

Luna Inputs

Map Button & Route Selector

The Map button allows you to load personal and shared maps using the built-in iOS file system. The Route Selector allows you to scroll through and select routes from the currently loaded map. 

Luna Outputs

Attitude: Heading, Latitude & Longitude

The Attitude Properties (Heading, Latitude & Longitude) show the iPhone’s current location and orientation relative to the Globe. Heading updates at 10 Hz, and Coordinates (Latitude & Longitude) update at 1 Hz.

Navigation: Pointer, Distance & Bearing

The Navigation Properties (Pointer, Distance & Bearing) report the current shortest (geodesic) path to the next waypoint. Pointer shows the iPhone’s angle relative to the next waypoint in degrees (i.e., Bearing minus Heading, -180 to +180 degrees). Pointer and Bearing are shown in degrees, and Distance is shown in meters. Angles are updated at 10 Hz, and Distance updates at 1 Hz.

Vibration: On-Point

Luna vibrates On-Point (±3 Degrees) for classic/traditional/compact/discreet assisted navigation without the optional Neo Controller. Since Luna uses built-in vibration, the user receives 100 samples per minute (equal to 1.67 Hz) vibration-feedback with Luna alone. When the optional Neo Controller is switched on, Luna stops vibrating-on-point, and Neo provides super-fast and enhanced feedback to the user.

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Luna Navigator 1.0.0

Subtitle: Cybernetic Racing & Games

Category: Navigation, Games (Action & Racing)


Introducing the next-generation Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System by Global Tactile, LLC.

The Luna Navigator is designed for global, asynchronous, tactical gaming and racing. It is an intuitive, fast, and precise navigation and gaming application specifically tailored for iPhone users. When combined with the patent-pending force-feedback Neo Controller, the Luna Navigator provides exceptionally fast and high-performance sightless tactical navigation through Neo’s Tactile Reticle. The innovative Neo Controller enables navigation and control through a pair of tactile lines that users can perceive through touch or sight. This pioneering design allows for dynamic sightless navigation through force-feedback control.

Every tactical navigator knows how hard it can be to use a bright screen in the dark during sensitive missions. The Neo-Luna Navigation System is made to help with that. It lets users keep their vision sharp for the mission while still navigating well. This tool works great, and you can use it with or without looking at a screen. It gives smooth guidance for routes, whether you’re working alone or with others on maps, games, or missions.

The Luna app is versatile and works well with or without the Neo Controller. When used alone, Luna provides a simple and efficient text and vibration-based navigation system suitable for sighted, visually impaired, and tactical navigators. It can be carried, worn, or mounted in vehicles, offering hands-on or hands-free navigation options through sight or touch. When paired with the optional Neo Controller, Luna seamlessly works with Neo to provide superior touch-based navigation through Neo’s unique Tactile Reticle.

The Luna App and Neo Controller work well together in tough conditions. They can be used hands-on, even with protective clothing like pants, jackets, and gloves. They can also be used as a hands-free or body-worn system, or mounted for on-the-spot reference using sight, sound, or touch. The Neo-Luna Navigation System provides a strong, multi-purpose navigation experience, meeting users’ needs anytime and anywhere, all in one innovative package.

Features & Functions

What’s New In This Version


The recently introduced Anticipator function incorporates a variety of new features and benefits. For pedestrian and high-accuracy navigation through courses, choose a smaller number (e.g., Default = 4 meters). For anchoring to a location, choose 0. And for high-speed navigation through courses (e.g., on vehicles and vessels)


Magnification Stepper allows finer and coarser response between Luna’s and Neo’s Rotation. Default = 2 (same as Luna 0.1), ranges between 1 and 4.


Trim can be adjusted to accommodate new or modified tactile interfaces if software calibration is unavailable.


Luna 1.0 now featuring new and improved biometric tracking to keep you moving straighter and faster through tactical maneuvers and racing corses. Tracking mode is now displayed to allow easy and positive switching between Geometric tracking (recommended for vehicles & vessels) and Biometric tracking (for handheld and body-worn use).


The all-new Incognito switch allows stealth navigation and asynchronous and distributed location competitions.


Route information is now displayed for each selected route.


Waypoint information is now displayed for each waypoint during navigation, allowing dynamic updating of the present course.


Performance Cybernetics, Cyborg Gaming, Navigation, Blind Navigation, Tactical Missions

Support URL

Marketing URL


0.1.2 Initial Release 2022

1.0.0 Release Early January 2023


2017-2024 Global Tactile, LLC

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December Cyborg Days

Book a free, live one-on-one demonstration of the touch-based Neo-Luna Navigation System, learn about the Neo-Luna Games, check out our Neo-Luna Products, see the all-new Chloe Commander, or learn about our next release of the network-and-device-independent Chloe Operating System.

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Blindfolded Caber Tossing

We dare you to join the heart-pounding spectacle of Blindfolded Caber Tossing this month!

Defy your limits and experience the exhilarating rush of blindly hurling massive cabers through the air. But be warned, this isn’t for the faint of heart. Only the bravest souls need apply.

Ready to take the plunge? Secure your spot in this daring event by accepting our Terms and Conditions, and by completing the Covenant Form before the event. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the Blindfolded Caber Tossing revolution!

It’s time to embrace your Blind Metasystem Transition Evolution. Are you prepared to challenge yourself like never before? Join us and discover the untapped power within you. Let the journey begin!

Harness the strength within, sign up now!