Practical Cybernetics Course


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Christopher S Kallie, PhD, is offering a new Cybernetic Theory Course based on his Independent Research and Development over the past two decades. In this course, you will learn theory and practical skills regarding the confluence of Science, Art, Touch, and Sport.


An iPhone and an interest in Practical Cybernetics.

Course Materials (Lecture Notes & Files): Included

Computer Lab (Luna Navigator, Required—Free in USA)

Neo Controller or Neo Controller Plus (Recommended)

Accessories (Neo-Luna Scout Master Kit, Optional)

Accessories (Tactical Navigator Kit, Optional)

Accessory (Luna Control Pad, Optional)


We will be discussing and developing and understanding of the confluence, concepts, and practices of:

Psychology & Neuroscience: Sensation & Perception; Cognitive & Computational Neuroscience; The Structure Of Virtue & Artificial Intelligence
Kinesiology & Biology: The Human Sensory & Nervous System; Morbidity & Mortality
Physics: The Second Law Of Thermodynamics; Cybernetics
Mathematics & Statistics: Arithmetic, Vectors, & Geometry; Probability Theory, Bayes’ Theorem, & The Kalman Filter; Vectors & Matrices; Fractals & The Quadrivium
Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence; Geomagnetism & Sensor Fusion; Cognitive & Computational Neuroscience; Digital & Analogue Cybernetics; & Human-Machine Interaction
Philosophy: Cybernetics; Hermeticism vs Modern Physics vs Natural Law; Quadrivium; Models Of The Earth & Heavens


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