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Be the first to experience Vector Force-Feedback Navigation & Control.

Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn — Neo’s Got Your Trek — and Back!

Made for Tactical Navigation, Blind Navigation, and The Neo-Luna Games.

Part of The Neo-Luna Navigation System, the Neo Controller is a Multi-Modal, Mixed-Reality Navigation & Game Controller. For use with the Luna Navigator iPhone App, available through the Apple App Store.

The Neo Controller comes with a Standard Carry Strap for attaching Neo to clothing or harnesses, etc. (pictured with hand-model)

Batteries and battery charger not included. The Neo Controller uses the following battery and suggested battery charger (also available in our Neo Power Pack, Neo Tactical Navigator Kit, and our Scout Master Kit):

  • NiMH 4.8V 1300mAh 2/3A Flat Battery Pack, with Universal Receiver Connector
  • NiMH Battery Charger, 4.8V with Universal Receiver Connector

The Luna Navigator is available at the iPhone App Store.

An iPhone case is not included. Although not necessary, we suggest using a rugged iPhone case with clip (e.g., “Otterbox Defender Series Pro” case or similar) while using the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System.

Note: The Neo Controller Is Not Water Or Heat Resistant. Do not store The Neo Controller in hot environments such as an automobile or in environments prone to excessive heat or moisture, and do not expose Neo to rain. For Continuous, All-Weather, Amphibious, Tactical Navigation — Get a Neo Tactical Navigator Kit.

Important: original Neo Controller is neither water nor heat resistant, so use the rain cover supplied with the Scout Master Kit or Tactical Navigator Kit, and keep your Neo Controller away from hot locations (e.g., do not place Neo Controller inside a stuff sack and leave it in the sunlight). PLA (polylactic acid) material will begin to deform above 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Upgrades for better heat and water resistance will be made available in the future.

See Neo Controller and Luna Navigator Technical Specifications Here.

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