Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

Game Reality With Planetary-Human-Machine Interaction

Neo-Luna — A Black Diamond In The Sky

With Rays Of Light — By Touch Or Sight

Designed for high-performance visual-tactile navigation, Luna points the way along routes you create and share. Get fast and precise navigation by touch with a Neo Controller.

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Introducing the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System — featuring our force-feedback Neo Controller with patent-pending Visual-Tactile Reticle Technology from Global Tactile, LLC.

Experienced tactical navigators understand how debilitating it is to use distracting displays and sounds during time-sensitive and vision-critical missions. Save your eyes and ears for what matters — monitoring the real world around you — so you can focus on your task while navigating with tactical efficiency. Designed for high-performance navigation and gaming, with or without screen use, Luna points the way along routes you create and share.

Luna is designed to be used with or without the Neo Controller. When used by itself, Luna provides a simple and effective vibration-on-point navigation solution for sighted, sightless, and tactical navigators — saving your senses for your task and the environment. Luna can be used handheld, body-worn, or vehicle/vessel-mounted for hands-on and/or hands-free navigation by sight or touch. Simply switch on the optional Neo Controller, and Luna immediately pairs with Neo — creating a Neo-Network between you and the environment — for super high-performance navigation by touch through Neo’s patent-pending Visual-Tactile Reticle Technology.

The Luna App and the Neo Controller work together in demanding conditions, including: hand/hands-on, hands-free/body-worn system, and/or as mountable instruments on vehicles or vessels for on-demand reference by sight, sound, or touch. You can even use the Neo Controller through protective clothing such as pockets and gloves. The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System provides a robust multimodal navigation feedback experience — wherever and whenever you use your iPhone — all in one innovative, straight-forward, and powerful package.

Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

Introduction by Creator & President Kallie, Ph.D.

Hello, I am Doctor Kallie — Creator and President at Global Tactile, and Creator of The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System and Chloe Developer Kit.

If you are an Individual or Agency who requires a tactically superior navigation system, consider the patent-pending Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System and Chloe Developer Kit.

Compared to traditionally disabling and outdated screen-based, vibration-based, and sound-based navigation systems, The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System features a multimodal display controller that will get you oriented quicker, and moving more efficiently on land, water, and through unfamiliar buildings.

In a nutshell, compared to vibration-based navigators, The Neo Controller provides 180 times more information per second — resulting in huge navigational performance gains compared to the competition.

Neo is a novel display-controller that can be sensed by visual or tactile means from almost any angle, and in almost any lighting condition. Plus, with Neo’s patent-pending Visual-Tactile Retical Technology, the dynamic feedback signal is extremely robust and accurate, for on-point and off-point tactical navigation tasks and scenarios. You really need to feel the difference with the Neo Controller — which will open up a world of invisible light and direction like you’ve never imagined or felt before. You will wish you felt Neo’s confident and persistent guiding power sooner — and if they could keep up, your competition would wish they felt it sooner too.

The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System works wherever your iPhone works. The Luna Navigator is an extremely compact and efficient App for iPhone that will run for many hours on a single phone charge. Moreover, The Neo Controller will run for many hours on a single battery charge — keeping you confidently and stealthily navigating all day and night. Plus, Neo utilizes commodity hardware to keep your feedback-controller off the bench and in the action — far ahead of the competition.

For Individuals, The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System comes in two parts, including The Luna Navigator iPhone App, which is available now through the App store on your iPhone. Plus, The Neo Controller is available exclusively through Global Tactile.

For Commanders, this technology is available through The Chloe Developer Kit. The Chloe Developer Kit is independent of cellular networks, and can be used anywhere for tactical navigation and control — on land, sea, or air.

Doctor Christopher S. Kallie, Ph.D.
Creator & President — Global Tactile, LLC

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Neo-Luna Navigation is as easy as 1-Select Map, 2-Select Route, 3-Navigate!

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Field Demo

Field demo showing pointer performance while using iron tools.

Field Demo Showing Pointer Performance