Neo-Luna Specifications & Features

Neo-Luna Navigation System Overview

Luna is a High-Performance, Asynchronous, Bio-Mechanical Sensor-Fusion Position and Navigation App for iPhone — designed for multimodal interactive use in fast and dynamic environmental scenarios when vision is limited by environmental, task, personal, or other sensory-limiting factors. Neo is a Patent-Pending, High-Performance, Bluetooth BLE, Bio-Mechanical Force-Feedback Controller that pairs with Luna for fast and precise orientation updating under demanding and dynamic navigation scenarios and environmental conditions. The Neo-Luna Navigation System provides a robust and intuitive navigation and control experience for tech-savvy tactical navigators who want to achieve a higher degree of spatial awareness, feedback, and control.

Luna Map Specification

A Luna Map consists of a .json text file type, which is easily readable and writable with any text editor, it can be easily scriptable for inter-compatibility between pre-existing maps and databases; it is compact, portable, and sharable; plus it’s forward-compatible to accommodate future planned features, uses, devices, and applications. A Luna Map consists of at least one Route with at least one Waypoint. Luna Maps are selected and loaded through the iOS File System and/or iCloud, and can be shared using built-in iOS file sharing, such as through Messages and AirDrop. Plus, Luna Maps can be organized (e.g., using Tags) and stored (e.g., on iCloud) like any file in iOS for enhanced accessibility, flexibility, convenience, and security.

Here is a Luna Map consisting of routes and waypoints within a county park dog-exercise area: dog_park_ghostball.json. Follow the formatting to create and edit your own personal and sharable maps.

Luna Navigator Properties

Luna Display

The Luna display features colored text over a black background for maintaining visual adaptation to the environment and battery conservation. Plus Luna is designed to send feedback signals to the Neo Controller, which eliminates retinal screen fatigue and further extends the battery life of your iPhone while navigating.

Luna displays only essential information for position and navigation, and is specifically designed to keep your eyes adapted to your environment instead of a bright screen — providing a tactical visual advantage in perceptually-challenging environments and circumstances.

Luna Inputs

Map Button & Route Selector

The Map button allows you to load personal and shared maps using the built-in iOS file system. The Route Selector allows you to scroll through and select routes from the currently loaded map.

Luna Outputs

Attitude: Heading, Latitude & Longitude

The Attitude Properties (Heading, Latitude & Longitude) show the iPhone’s current location and orientation relative to the Globe. Heading updates at 10 Hz, and Coordinates (Latitude & Longitude) update at 1 Hz.

Navigation: Pointer, Distance & Bearing

The Navigation Properties (Pointer, Distance & Bearing) report the current shortest (geodesic) path to the next waypoint. Pointer shows the iPhone’s angle relative to the next waypoint in degrees (i.e., Bearing minus Heading, -180 to +180 degrees). Pointer and Bearing are shown in degrees, and Distance is shown in meters. Angles are updated at 10 Hz, and Distance updates at 1 Hz.

Vibration: On-Point

Luna vibrates On-Point (±3 Degrees) for classic/traditional/compact/discreet assisted navigation without the optional Neo Controller. Since Luna uses built-in vibration, the user receives 100 samples per minute (equal to 1.67 Hz) vibration-feedback with Luna alone. When the optional Neo Controller is switched on, Luna stops vibrating-on-point, and Neo provides super-fast and enhanced feedback to the user.

Neo Controller Overview

The Patent-Pending Neo Controller is a high-performance bio-mechanical feedback device that delivers fast and sensitive force-feedback and control to the user. Whereas Luna’s vibration mode provides roughly 1.67 bits of information per second, Neo’s Patent Pending force-feedback control signal is 6 times faster and 6 times more sensitive, with 5 times more dynamic range and 4 times the magnification.

Neo’s Force-Feedback vs. Classic Vibration-On-Point

  • 6 x Speed Increase
  • 6 x Angular Sensitivity
  • 5 x Dynamic Range
  • 4 x Magnification

Neo is 6 times faster and provides 30 times more detail compared to vibration. Simply put, Neo provides 180 times more information, every second, to the user compared to Luna’s classic vibration-on-point navigation mode.

180 times more information — per second — equates to huge performance gains in tactical navigation situations — especially integrated over space and time — leaving the rest far behind

Chris Kallie

Plus, Neo is switchable on-the-fly, so you can use Luna for normal navigation needs, and just switch on Neo whenever you want or need a tactical boost in navigation performance.

Neo Physical Characteristics

The Neo Controller is 100% Upgradable, Reclaimable, and Recyclable. A Neo Controller is an investment in your own mobility and freedom, while keeping our beautiful planet healthy and green for future generations.

Specifications, including dimensions and mechanical features are approximate and subject to change.

Shell and Control Interface Material

Polylactic acid (Polymaker PolyLite PLA, True Grey). PLA is made from corn; it is 100% reusable, 100% reclaimable, and can be incinerated to return the material back to its environmental elements: carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

Commodity Parts

All parts in the Neo Controller are responsibly sourced commodity hardware. They can be purchased, reused, reclaimed, and/or repurposed responsibly. At Global Tactile, our ultimate product life-cycle goal is to have zero landfill, zero waste, and zero emissions — an extremely unusual and overlooked essential business practice. Our innovative product design featured in the Neo Controller is testament to our fundamental principles of responsible use, conservation, and planetary freedom.


150 grams (approx. 275 grams, with suggested battery pack and supplied carry strap.)


Overall Product Dimensions (Approximate Length x Width x Height in millimeters): 145 x 61 x 42 mm (with Standard Tactile Interface and Standard Tactile Reticle, not including Carry Strap)

Standard Tactile Interface Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 42 x 24 mm. Custom Tactile Interfaces Available.

Standard Tactile Reticle Sensing Areas: Left & Right Side Reticles: Triangular Point 1.4 x 24 mm (H x L) (12 mm Base + 12 mm Knob Element). Front Reticle: 18 mm Length (6 mm Base + 12 mm Knob Element). Back Reticle: 12 mm Knob Element (no Base Element). Custom Tactile Reticles Available.


Arduino Nano 33 BLE


20 Kg High Torque Digital Servomotor, Full Metal Gears, Anodized Aluminum Servo Horn


Switchable, On-Demand Bluetooth BLE, connects with Luna Navigator App

Switch-On Time: approx. 2 seconds

Switch-Off Time: approx. 1 second

Power & Accessories

The Neo Controller comes with:

  • Standard Carry Strap for attaching to clothing or harnesses, etc.

The Neo Controller requires:

  • NiMH 4.8V 1300mAh 2/3A Flat Battery Pack, with Universal Receiver Connector
  • NiMH Battery Charger, 4.8V with Universal Receiver Connector

Optional accessories for the Neo Controller include:

  • Tactical Shoulder Harness
  • Tactical Phone Case Strap to connect phone case to shoulder harness

iPhone case is not included. We suggest using a rugged iPhone case with clip (e.g., “Otterbox Defender Series Pro” case or similar) while using the Neo-Luna Navigation System.

Neo Operational Characteristics

Dynamic Biometric Force-Feedback

Operational Frequency: 10Hz

Feedback Latency: 100ms

Tactile Reticle/Scope Characteristics

Orientation Feedback Range: ±15 degrees incremental (>15 degrees indicates 15-180 degrees left or right of orientation)

Orientation Feedback Resolution: 1-Degree Increments

Tactile Feedback Magnification: 4x (Reticle Sweep Range: ±60 Degrees)