Neo-Luna Racing

Are You Ready For The Next Challenge?

Here, I will describe the Neo-Luna Racing Metasystem, including: Safety Rules, Neo-Luna Games, Equipment, Times, Locations, and Neo-Luna Game Rules.

— Christopher S. Kallie, Ph.D. — Creator & President

Neo-Luna Racing Games

Green Circle — Easiest
  • Egg Hunt
  • Geocaching
  • Cyborg Disc Golf

The Easiest Neo-Luna Races are variants of hide-and-seek. Most participants will be able to play safely and competitively within minutes of training.

For Egg Hunt, participants receive simple 1-point maps of the treasures to be found, and they seek their treasures one at a time. Egg Hunting and Geocaching can be done easily with the Luna Navigator all by itself. For superior performance, simply switch on the Neo Controller, and you’ll move faster through the environment without reference to the screen while seeking. Simply select the Route and Neo points the way — allowing you to keep your senses on the surrounding environment instead of looking at a screen.

Cyborg Disc Golf adds complexity to each Route. Specifically, Golf routes are 2-waypoint routes that define the Tee and Goal locations. From anywhere on the golf course, simply select the Tee number, which will point the way to the Tee; upon arrival, the pointer will switch to the Goal. No more confusion in unknown golf courses — Neo-Luna points directly to the hole, net, or goal. Plus, the distance to the next location updates constantly. You can read your distance and bearing to the next waypoint or goal on the Luna App.

Note: Egg Hunt, Geocaching, and Cyborg Disc Golf are More Difficult when played blindfolded.

Blue Square — More Difficult
  • Mountain Biking
  • Canoeing
  • Portaging

Adding equipment to your task inherently increases difficulty. Spending time walking and being a passenger with the Neo-Luna Navigation System is the only way to learn its personality. Yes, Neo-Luna has a personality. Think of Neo as a motoneuron with an actuator — it’s fun to feel, for example, how Neo gets excited and wiggles as you approach the next waypoint. The phenomenon is surreal at first, because you are witnessing a simple expression of statistical mathematics, yet Neo feels alive in your hand.

With Mountain Biking, Canoeing, and Portaging, you will begin to experiment with using Luna on chest and attached to the bike or vessel. The former option gives you ready access to pointing by body turning, and the latter gives tight control of the bike or canoe itself. Both are advantageous for different styles of movement. For racing bikes, I like to wear Luna on chest, and put Neo on the handlebar stem. For racing canoes, I like to place Neo on the boat in front of me where I can see it, and place Luna on the deck of the boat with a clear sky view for best tracking. Portaging is a breeze with Luna on chest or attached to gunnel.

Black Diamond — Most Difficult
  • Black Diamond Home Run
  • Amphibious Orienteering
  • Cross-Country Skate Skiing

Running, Orienteering, and Skate Skiing are inherently strenuous activities. For these activities, I use Neo and Luna with the chest harness available in the Scout Master Kit or Tactical Navigator Kit, and I attach the Neo Controller to the same harness with the strap adjusted to my arm length.

Black Diamond Home Run is the original Neo-Luna Game. Simply find a regulation baseball field in your area, map the bases, and run the bases with the Luna Navigator and Neo Controller.

Double Black Diamond — Expert Only
  • Double Black Diamond Home Run
  • Blindfolded Canoeing
  • Blindfolded Cross-Country Skiing

Blindfolded Neo-Luna Racing requires a spotter with direct communication at all times. Proficient use and lots of practice with the Neo Controller and Luna Navigator are essential to playing safely and being competitive in the Neo-Luna Games. For Skiing, I use Luna on chest and Neo tethered to harness or wrist for convenient use and release. For canoeing, I attach Neo to a kayak paddle. You will find that canoeing with a kayak paddle is ideal for tactical perception and action while competing in the Neo-Luna Athletic Games.

Double Black Diamond Home Run is just like Black Diamond Home Run, but with a blindfold.

Important: original Neo Controller is neither water nor heat resistant, so use the rain cover supplied with the Scout Master Kit or Tactical Navigator Kit, and keep your Neo Controller away from hot locations (e.g., do not place Neo Controller inside a stuff sack and leave it in the sunlight). PLA (polylactic acid) material will begin to deform above 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Upgrades for better heat and water resistance will be made available in the future.

Neo-Luna Racing Rules

In order to play or compete in the Neo-Luna Games, you must:

  1. be Registered, Agree to Terms & Conditions, sign and submit a Notarized Covenant Form, and be Certified In The Appropriate Difficulty Levels and Categories, by Dr. Kallie, in the Neo-Luna Games you wish to compete in:

Certification Difficulty Levels

Level 1: Green Circle—Easiest
Level 2: Blue Square—More Difficult
Level 3: Black Diamond—Most Difficult
Level 4: Double Black Diamond—Expert Only

Certification Categories

Group A: Actor / Pilot
Group B: Spotter / Commander
Group C: Course Setter / Choreographer


  1. Luna screen captures are our scorecards. When playing, you can use Siri or your iPhone buttons to take screen captures on demand. Typically, a screen capture occurs immediately after reaching each waypoint, and/or upon reaching the final destination of each course. Some games may require photographs of the scene.
  2. Games are Asynchronous — meaning you can run your course(s) at your convenience, provided you submit your scorecards (and photographs, if required) before the scoring submission deadline.
  3. Games are developed locally, but played globally: with distance-matched and difficulty-matched maps. Competitors and judges should agree that maps are equivalence-matched beforehand, although handicaps will be developed as the Neo-Luna Racing Games Metasystem continues to evolve.

Neo-Luna Racing — Cyborg Hall Of Fame

Chris-24-Dionysus & Holly (spotter)
Neo ControllerBlindfolded Skate Skiing
2023*Current Leader
Neo ControllerEgg Hunt
2023*Current Leaders
& Janice-4-Sure (spotter)
Neo ControllerBlindfolded Canoeing
Neo (version?)?

*Submit your maps & screenshots by January 1, 2024 to compete in 2023 Neo-Luna Racing Games.
?Submit entries by January 1, 2025 to compete in 2024 Neo-Luna Racing Games.