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Neo-Luna — A Black Diamond In The Sky

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Designed for high-performance visual-tactile navigation, Luna points the way along routes you create and share. Get fast and precise navigation by touch with a Neo Controller.

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Introducing the Neo-Luna Navigation System – showcasing the force-feedback Neo Controller with the revolutionary Visual-Tactile Reticle Technology developed by Global Tactile, LLC.

Experienced tactical navigators understand the hindrance caused by distracting displays and sounds during time-sensitive and visually critical missions. Our aim is to allow you to preserve your focus on the real-world surroundings and dedicate your senses to monitoring what truly matters. With Luna, you can navigate with utmost efficiency, whether by touch or sight, along routes of your own creation that can be easily shared.

Luna is designed to function independently or in conjunction with the Neo Controller. When used on its own, Luna offers a straightforward yet effective vibration-based navigation solution suitable for sighted, sightless, and tactical navigators. This ensures that your senses remain dedicated to your mission and the environment at hand. Luna can be easily handheld, worn on the body, or mounted on vehicles or vessels, providing both hands-on and hands-free navigation options through touch or visual interaction. Simply activating the optional Neo Controller instantly establishes a Neo-Network, connecting yourself, the control body, and the environment, facilitating highly efficient touch-based navigation through the patent-pending Visual-Tactile Reticle Technology of Neo.

The Luna App, coupled with the Neo Controller, is designed to withstand demanding conditions, including hands-on or hands-free usage, body-worn systems, and mountable instruments on vehicles or vessels. It is even capable of interacting through protective clothing such as pockets and gloves. The Neo-Luna Navigation System offers a robust multimodal navigation feedback experience, ensuring seamless navigation no matter the time or location, all within a single, innovative, and powerful package specifically tailored for your iPhone.

Neo-Luna Navigation System

Introduction by Creator & President Kallie, Ph.D.

Hello, I am Doctor Kallie — Creator and President at Global Tactile, as well as the Creator of The Neo-Luna Navigation System.

If you are an Individual or Agency in need of a highly effective navigation system, I invite you to consider the patent-pending Neo-Luna Navigation System and the Chloe Developer Kit.

In comparison to traditional screen-based, vibration-based, and sound-based navigation systems, which are outdated and often hindering, The Neo-Luna Navigation System features a multimodal display controller that offers a faster orientation and enhanced efficiency on land, water, and in unfamiliar buildings.

To put it simply, when compared to vibration-based navigators, The Neo Controller provides an astounding 180 times more information per second, resulting in significant navigational performance improvements when compared to the competition.

Neo is an innovative display controller that can be detected visually or through tactile means from almost any angle, and in various lighting conditions. Furthermore, with Neo’s patent-pending Visual-Tactile Retical Technology, the dynamic feedback signal is highly robust and accurate. This ensures precise navigation for both on-point and off-point tactical tasks and scenarios. Experiencing the Neo Controller is truly a revelation, as it opens up a world of invisible light and direction that you have never imagined or felt before. You will undoubtedly wish you had experienced Neo’s confident and persistent guiding power sooner, and your competitors, if they could keep up, would feel the same.

The Neo-Luna Navigation System operates wherever your iPhone does. The Luna Navigator is an incredibly compact and efficient app for the iPhone, capable of running for many hours on a single phone charge. Additionally, The Neo Controller can also run for an extended period on a single battery charge, allowing you to confidently and stealthily navigate throughout the day and night. Moreover, Neo utilizes readily available hardware, ensuring that your feedback-controller is always ready for action, surpassing the competition.

For Individuals, The Neo-Luna Navigation System consists of two parts. This includes The Luna Navigator iPhone App, which is currently available through the App Store on your iPhone. Additionally, The Neo Controller is exclusively available through Global Tactile.

For Commanders, this technology is accessible through The Chloe Developer Kit. The Chloe Developer Kit operates independently of cellular networks and can be used for tactical navigation and control in any environment, whether on land, sea, or air.

Doctor Christopher S. Kallie, Ph.D.
Creator & President — Global Tactile, LLC

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Neo-Luna Navigation is as easy as 1-Select Map, 2-Select Route, 3-Navigate! See App Page for preview!