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The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

Performance Cybernetics

At Your Fingertips

Game On

Compared To Vibration, The Neo Controller Transduces 180 Times More Information Per Second — Directly To Your Fingertip — Resulting In Unprecedented Performance Gains During Sightless And Tactical Navigation Tasks.

Tactile Vector Cybernetics

Feel The Light — Beyond Your Imagination — Save Your Sight — For The Action Around You — Move In Darkness — With Unimaginable Tactical Precision And Speed

The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

Made For Action — In The Real World

The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System is like having a personal guide that constantly points on-demand wherever you want to go — whenever you can’t directly sense your path or destination.

Made for Tactical Navigation, Blind Navigation, and The Neo-Luna Games

It’s like having an invisible laser guide — one you can sense directly, discreetly, and without distraction — which allows you to keep your eyes and ears on important tasks — like avoiding obstacles and hazards — and winning the game.

The Neo Controller allows you to focus your senses and attention on your surroundings while navigating — instead of being blinded by pixels or distracted by sounds that have little to do with your dynamic present physical reality.

When you are on a time-sensitive mission, sporting, avoiding danger, or multitasking, there is no more need to constantly search for a slow, weak, and ambiguous vibration signal, or distract and blind yourself with an improvised or compromised navigation solution.

Like a champion bird dog, Neo points the way with confidence and authority.

With The Neo Controller — now I notice things in Nature that I sorely missed while using past-generation navigation devices. — Now I get extremely fast and accurate positional information — on-demand and on time.

Neo Controller — Fast-Generation Navigation Display Technology

Created for casual and tactical navigators who want to find their friends, hunt for mushrooms, capture the flag, sail to port, seek shelter, run the gauntlet, escape in darkness, or be competitive at The Neo-Luna Games.

See Different.

Move Different.

Win Different.

Be Different.

The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System
by Global Tactile, LLC

Experience the Thrill and Speed of Navigation-By-Touch, with High-Speed, Force-Positive, Orientation-Feedback Control Like You’ve Never Felt Before — Move Faster and Further — Be Safer and Have More Fun Navigating — Sport With More Confidence and Control — Beyond Your Imagination

Connect with your environment and get around in darkness — faster than you thought possible — featuring high-performance navigation and force-feedback control — with the Neo-Luna Navigation System — featuring patent-pending Visual-Tactile Reticle Technology

  1. Go further with the high-performance Luna Navigator
  2. Go faster with the patent-pending Neo Controller
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