Holly Kallie — Biography

Expressing my surroundings on paper and canvas has been the basis of my life for as long as I can remember. I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t observing the world through the eyes of an artist. Crayons and paints were an important part of my life as a very small child. The desire to paint or draw the people in my world, using the lakes and beaches that I love as a setting, continues to be a driving force in my life.

I developed a close affinity to water early in life, during the summers spent at my parents tiny cottage on a lake. Living in my own little cottage on a lake these many years later, I continue to be fascinated by the constantly changing colors, reflections and mystery below the surface of the ever-changing waters. For me, water carries the same essence of spirit of the woman and children that I paint. Flowing, changing, playful and elusive.

My realistic style is achieved using many layers and glazes of paint. I love the process of bringing my figures and the water to life on canvas or paper. I am self-taught and my style has been refined by the constant observation of the effects of light on a figure or water and the hundreds of paintings I have produced over the years.

With my art, I seek to bring a sense of joy, love, peace and connection to our natural surroundings. I hope my paintings take you there.

My paintings are held in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.