Hartland Masters

  1. Launch the Luna Navigator on your iPhone
  2. Load your downloaded Map
  3. Select a Hole Number — this loads the location of a business or event location
  4. Use the “Pointer” and “Distance” displays and “Vibration On Point” feature to guide you to the Location

Note: when your iPhone is pointing towards the business, it will vibrate.

Note: if Luna’s “Pointer” value appears to be jumping around, simply hold your phone sideways (“on edge”) for 1-2 seconds, and then return it to your desired operating orientation. This will disengage a software safety built into the Luna Navigator App.

  1. Optional: use a Neo Controller for a super-human force-feedback gaming experience.

*Optional: For better swing (better accuracy), in your iPhone’s Compass Settings, turn on “Use True North” and “Precise Location”.

In association with the Hartland BID, and the Hartland Mini Masters Tournament.