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Welcome One And All To The Global Tactile School Of Cybernetics.

My first lecture will cover the Art, Science, and Mathematics of the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System. Here, I will describe the Neo Controller and Luna Navigator — comprising a novel control technology that communicates DYNAMIC CONTROL VECTORS through DYNAMIC VISUAL-TACTILE VERNIER CUES between Humans and computers.

This effectively lets you sense locations beyond your biological perception—thereby allowing you to navigate more efficiently.

-Christopher S Kallie, PhD — Creator & President

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Lecture 1. The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

A Detailed Explanation of The Neo-Luna User Experience

Everything in this video is actual use of the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System. There are no simulations. In this lecture, I describe what is happening in each scene, and how the System is helping the users navigate, perform tasks, socialize, and play games.

-Christopher S Kallie, PhD — Creator & President

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00:00 — 02:08. The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

In order to describe the difficulty level of Neo-Luna Games and tasks, we use the internationally recognized Alpine ski marking system. There are 4 difficulty levels, including: Green Circle — Easiest, Blue Square — More Difficult, Black Diamond — Most Difficult, and Double Black Diamond — Expert Only. To use the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System, you must understand the risks and agree to the community safety rules. Navigate, task, and play safely, within your physical and mental capabilities, and under control at all times.

00:00 — 00:29. Orienting & Walking with the Neo-Luna Navigation System

Green Circle — Easiest

00:01 Center. User Interface of Neo Controller.

Notice the ridges on the side of the Neo Controller’s User Interface. The Bezel on the Tactile Interface has stationary reference ridges, and the Knob has ridges that can be aligned and misaligned with the ridges on the Bezel. This comprises the Tactile Reticle — A Human-Machine User Interface — that is both visually and tactilely salient to humans. The Tactile Reticle presents Dynamic Vernier Stimuli that can be seen from almost any angle, and at a wide range of distances; plus it can be gripped or otherwise sensed by touch in several manners. The Neo Controller can be sensed: 1) by central vision throughout an extreme range of lighting conditions; 2) by peripheral vision in restricted or modified conditions; 3) by touch—including through protective clothing such as pockets and gloves; and 4) in some cases by sound or vibration — creating a truly multimodal dynamic user experience and unprecedented cybernetic force-feedback control for extremely efficient and enhanced tactical navigation, tasking, and gaming.

The Neo Controller encodes and transduces Dynamic Control Vectors for dynamic perception-action control tasks such as navigation. Navigation is just one exemplary Use Case of the Cybernetic Control Class that the Neo Controller supports. Dynamic Control Vectors are fundamental and intrinsically tied to navigation, plus a myriad of other human perception and control tasks, including the Use Cases that are boldly and clearly demonstrated here — In natura — meaning: every scene, action, and description in this demonstration video, and throughout this website is an Actual, Real, Unscripted, Unexaggerated, and Effective use of the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System.

00:04 Left. Standing and rotating with Neo Controller giving orientation feedback.

As the user rotates back and fourth, you can see the Neo Controller’s Tactile Reticle counter rotating—signaling the exact magnitude and direction to correct orientation.

00:07 Right. Navigating and walking a straight line from outfield to third base.

Walking precisely along routes with the Luna Navigator and Neo Controller is easy. Here, a pedestrian is holding Neo in the orientation that matches the physical world: when she rotates too far counterclockwise, the Controller points clockwise, and vice-versa. The user can sense the controller feedback by sight or touch. Notice how straight the user is walking, even though she does not know which destination she is walking toward—until she arrives at third base.

00:13 Left. Walking blindfolded along a segmented route.

Here is a blindfolded man navigating a course with multiple waypoints. The waypoints are marked with traffic cones, to show the viewer the waypoints and geodesic segments that are being navigated. Courses were planned and set using the Luna Navigator. Courses can be Run (traveled) using the Luna Navigator with or without the Neo Controller. When used alone, the Luna Navigator provides textual and vibrational feedback, which is similar to other vibration-based navigators.

In fact, the Luna Navigator is a full-fledged navigation system all by itself. Luna can be used alone as a traditional and effective navigation solution, plus it can be paired with the Neo Controller for enhanced cybernetic super-human performance. As a sighted individual, I generally use Luna for convenient navigation purposes (it’s always ready to use on my iPhone), and then I use the Neo Controller with the Luna Navigator for super-human tactical navigation and gaming. Luna displays absolute and relative location at 1 Hertz and orientation at 10 Hertz, plus Luna vibrates on point (vibration ceases when Luna is paired with a Neo Controller).

00:26 — 01:09. Mountain Biking with Neo-Luna

Blue Square — More Difficult

00:26 Left. Neo Controller mounted to handlebars.

Here is the Neo Controller mounted to the handlebar stem of a mountain bike. Notice the Tactile Reticle moving a few degrees back and fourth—this is from wiggling the Luna Navigator as a system check.

00:29. Navigating with the Neo Controller on a mountain bike.

Here, the rider has the iPhone clipped onto his chest harness, camera forward. Notice the Neo Controller’s Tactile Reticle is pointing ahead at times, and sometimes it is rotated hard-left or hard-right whenever the cyclist is more than 15 degrees off the geodesic route. When the rider is within 15 degrees of the geodesic, the Tactile Reticle gives feedback in 1-degree increments at 10 Hertz. The specifications and parameters are optimized for a myriad of cybernetic control tasks.

Watch as the rider switches between following and unfollowing the route. The Neo Controller keeps salient pointing cues throughout the trek. Typically, the navigator will switch between on-point and off-point trekking, which shows the System’s performance and gives an accurate depiction of real-world user experiences.

00:31 — 01:07. Vehicular Navigation with Neo-Luna

Blue Square — More Difficult

00:31 Right. Neo Controller operating, mounted to dash of car.

Here, the Neo Controller is mounted to the dash of a vehicle with hook-and-loop fasteners, and the Luna Navigator has been fixed to the car, top forward. The destination is at the end of the driveway. First, the car goes backwards into a parking stall, and then forward to the destination. As the car turns, notice the Neo Controller continues pointing toward the destination, and updates responsively and smoothly — operating correctly in forward and reverse. Even as the driver wiggles the car down the driveway, the Neo Controller gives timely and accurate feedback.

Whenever controlling a vehicle or vessel, it is possible and oftentimes advantageous to mount the iPhone directly to the console or another stable, non-slipping arrangement. This ensures the best calibration and signal integrations from the sensors on the iPhone, which leads to better performance—i.e., straighter navigation. Think of the sensor array like your biological senses: the less you shake them and tilt them, the better they work. The Luna Navigator works in a wide variety of conditions and use cases — by hand, clipped onto hip holster, on chest harness, and mounted or placed on a vehicle or vessel console.

01:09 — 01:17. Concealed & Exposed Carrying the Neo Controller

01:09 Left. Chest-mounted iPhone, using concealed Neo Controller in pocket.

Here we see an iPhone clipped to a chest harness, with the Neo Controller operating in pocket. Neo has a switch, so it can be turned on or off in an instant, while Luna operates paired or unpaired at will. You can also use your iPhone for other tasks while using the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System, including taking phone calls and playing music. Plus, the Luna Navigator is an efficient iPhone App — you can navigate, play, and multitask with the Luna Navigator for many hours on a single charge.

01:11 Center. Using Neo Controller.

Here we see the Neo Controller with index finger on the Tactile Reticle.

01:13 Right. Revealing Tactile Retical in alignment.

Here we see the Neo Controller with hands off the Tactile Reticle, revealing the current alignment.

01:16 — 02:08. Orienteering & Running

Blue Square — More Difficult

01:16 Left. Using Neo Controller for rapid orienteering and running.

Here, the bicyclist has dismounted, and switched to tactical orienteering by foot. This clip shows a good close-up of the Tactile Reticle interacting with the distal pad of the thumb and index finger, as the navigator switches between side-striding and orienting toward the next waypoint.

01:20 — 01:42. Tractor Navigation

Blue Square — More Difficult

01:20 Center. Navigating on lawn tractor.

Here, the Neo-Luna Navigator is being used to navigate a lawn tractor. The driver is operating the tractor wheel with one hand while using Neo by touch for navigation.

01:20 — 01:43. Navigating While Carrying Heavy Items

Blue Square — More Difficult

01:20 Right. Orienting while carrying loaded laundry basket.

Here, the Neo-Luna Navigator is being used while carrying a loaded laundry basket — first pointing towards the next waypoint, then spinning around to demonstrate a built-in performance feature: the ability to point or navigate directly away (180 degrees) from the target; then spinning back and quickly recovering and tracking the geodesic — all while carrying a heavy load with two hands.

02:10 — 03:37. Introducing: The Neo-Luna Social Network

Introducing the Neo-Luna Social Network with the Luna Control Pad. It takes social networking and gaming to the next level with enhanced control and connectivity. Use the Luna Control Pad to input precise vector information into Luna Navigators, which then output to Neo Controllers, enabling a whole new range of socially interactive experiences.

02:10 — 02:39. Social-Network Guided Blindfolded Billiards

Green Circle — Easiest

02:10 Corners. Remote-guided blindfolded billiards with speed and precision.

The image shows a unique setup where blindfolded billiard shooters are directed by aimers using the Luna Control Pad. The aimers guide the shooters by sending cues to move their cue stick into position before making a shot.

02:11 — 02:38. Social-Network Guided Blindfolded Reaching & Grasping With Dice & Checkerboard

Green Circle — Easiest

02:11 Center. Remote-guided blindfolded reaching & grasping dice with speed and precision.

In the center screen, a couple plays a game using a the Control Pad to pick up dice. The Aimers move the Luna Control Pad and their partners mirror their movements while reaching and grasping.

02:40 — 03:37. Social-Network Guided Choreography & Blindfolded Choreographed Dancing

Blue Square — More Difficult

02:40. Social-network choreographers (right) guiding blindfolded dancers (left).

The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System is so fast and precise, it can be used for choreographed dancing. In this two player performance, a Choreographer leads a Dancing Partner through a course. Notice the precision achieved through the Neo-Luna Social Network. Each Choreographer was able to end the dance by leading his/her partner’s hand directly to the door handle.

03:39 — 04:53 Introducing: The Neo-Luna Athletic Games

Tactical speed and precision. The Neo-Luna Athletic Games are testament to those design principles.

03:39 — 04:27. Cybernetically-Guided Disc-Golf

Green Circle — Easiest

03:39. Family playing cybernetically-guided disc golf in yard.

Here, a family is playing disc golf with the Luna Navigator clipped to the chest harness, and the Neo Controller also clipped to the harness. This way, the Neo Controller can be grasped or released during gameplay and while navigating. The disc golf maps mark the locations of the goals, and for public golf courses the maps also have tee locations. The woman is using the Neo Controller by sound, and the teenagers are using the Neo Controller in classical mode — orienting their bodies until they are lined up for each shot.

04:29 — 04:39. Blindfolded Calisthenics

Black Diamond — Most Difficult

04:29 Center. Blindfolded calisthenics along courses.

Here, a blindfolded athlete is performing calisthenics with a map of the playing field. The athlete is calibrating and running courses for exercise and warm-ups for playing other blindfolded field sports.

04:29 — 04:53. Blindfolded Soccer Dribbling & Shots On Goal

Black Diamond — Most Difficult

04:29. Blindfolded soccer dribbling and shots on goal.

Here is a Neo-Luna Athlete dribbling a soccer ball while following a course. The Neo Controller points along the course until the shooting location is reached, then the Controller points to the goal and the athlete lines up and takes the shot.

04:29 — 04:53. Blindfolded Ball & Disc Target Throwing

Black Diamond — Most Difficult

04:29. Blindfolded ball and disc target throwing.

Pick your favorite sport, map your offensive and defensive gaming routes, and play. Here, the Neo-Luna Athlete is demonstrating how to use the System for offensive shooting drills. In future Neo-Luna Athletic Games, networked gaming will allow dynamic man and/or zone coverage maps for defense, plus position-specific maps for sophisticated attacks, assists, and shots on goal for offense. We will also be further developing the Neo-Luna Athletic Games in our advanced cybernetics course.

04:55 — 08:00. Introducing: The Neo-Luna Wilderness Games

Amphibious, all-season, all-weather, all-day, and all-night tactical navigation. The Neo-Luna Wilderness Games are testament to those design principles.

04:55 — 05:52. Cybernetically-Guided Canoeing

Blue Square — More Difficult

04:55 Left. Paddler orienteering and canoeing.

Orienteering and canoeing is a complex navigation task, and the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System handles the dynamic state with ease. The navigator is able to quickly load a map, select a course, and follow the course by monitoring the Neo Controller.

04:55 Right. Neo Controller, iPhone and 1st person view of extreme orienteering and canoeing.

Here is the view from the paddler’s perspective.

04:55 Top-Right. Slow-motion close-up of controller while orienteering and canoeing.

Here is a view of the Neo Controller in the optional waterproof stuff sack. In slow motion, the dynamic orientation updating and feedback can be seen, along with the horizon that shows how straight the vessel is traveling, despite the windy and wavy conditions that day.

04:55 — 05:52. Cybernetically-Guided Portaging

Blue Square — More Difficult

04:55 Center. Orienting with water-resistant Neo Controller setup.

Here we see the navigator on shore, checking his course and preparing for the paddle.

05:20 Center. Portaging with Neo Controller.

Portaging with the Neo Controller is easy. The Navigator can be clipped to chest, or mounted on the canoe. Either way, the feedback is fast and accurate.

05:40 — 08:00. Blindfolded Canoeing

Double Black Diamond — Expert Only

05:40 Left & 05:53 Lower Center. Blindfolded canoeing.

Performed with a spotter, the navigator is paddling the same route as before. Here, the Neo Controller is attached to the kayak paddle, giving the paddler fast and easy dynamic feedback.

05:53 — 08:00. Blindfolded Cross-Country Ski Course Setting & Skate Skiing

Double Black Diamond — Expert Only

05:53 Upper Center. Blindfolded cross-country course setting & skate skiing.

Performed with a spotter, the skier is using Luna clipped to chest, and kept under his ski jacket to keep the iPhone warm and batteries fresh. In the upper middle, the course is being set with cones for the following race.

06:04 Right. Blindfolded orienteering and skate skiing.

Performed with a spotter, the skier is skate skiing quickly through the course. Note that all 4 races (2 ski and 2 canoe) are on the very same course that was mapped winters before.

Be Safe and Have Fun!


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