Cyborg Adventures

Optimal Search And Rescue Using Fractals

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The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System gives fast and precise navigation feedback on Land and Water, at any speed, along any course. Neo-Luna keeps you on track during casual and tactical navigation tasks — including walking, running, biking, skiing, driving, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing.

With the Neo Compass App, simply choose a Bearing to follow a Geometric Course based on True North. Add a Neo Controller for super-human performance.

With the Luna Navigator App, create and navigate courses, find your way along urban and rural routes with cybernetic precision and speed.

Asynchronously compete with your friends to find out who’s top Cyborg

The Neo-Luna Games offer tons of physical-reality gaming opportunities — from absolute beginner, to super-human athletic performance — the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System gives you the cybernetic edge!


Set up your iPhone and download our App Suite (free in USA). The Vernier App provides direct remote control of your Neo Controller. The Neo Compass app lets you use your Neo Controller as a compass. And the Luna Navigator lets you travel, aim, and score with the Neo Controller. Download all 3 from the App Store:

Global Tactile sells pre-built controllers, build plans, and components. Build plans are free for visually impaired Americans. Whatever your Cyborg skill, we’ve got you covered.

To Master The Force Of The Neo-Luna Cybernetic Metasystem — Get Outdoors and Game!

While you play Neo-Luna Games over minutes, days, and weeks, Hebbian learning kicks in, and you become neurologically coupled with the Neo-Luna Metasystem.

Then you shall Become a True Neo-Luna Cyborg Clone — ready for competition in the Neo-Luna Games!

Think you’ve got what it takes to compete? Get licensed and compete with Neo-Luna Racing!

Need help? Visit our Support page for detailed setup instructions.