Cyborg Adventures Club

by Global Tactile, LLC
a stand-alone world-leader in high-performance cybernetics

Learn and Practice The Art of Cyborg Racing & Games

Modern cybernetics is about combining the human body-mind, with ancient and modern human-machine interfaces—which are interconnected with the environment and dynamic processes—to optimize actions for tasks in the physical world. The ultimate goal of cybernetics is to become super-human—i.e., to become more capable and accomplished than you would be without cybernetics.

Beginning June 1st, Cyborg Adventures Club will meet on the first Saturday of each month (10am-noon EST). Our first meeting is at Global Tactile, LLC — 155 E Capitol Drive, Suite 9, Hartland, WI, 53029.

Club Members will be able to participate and compete in Cyborg Adventures club activities at their own pace and skill level.

All are welcome. Cyborg Adventures Club is open to all ages and ability levels (children require a Couples or Family Membership with a legal parent or guardian). By joining, you will learn and practice the Art of Cybernetics, which includes a wealth of knowledge and skills, including: Computer Programming, Mechanical Engineering, Orienteering, and Physical Fitness, and much, much more!

Can’t make it on Saturday mornings? No problem! Sign up online, and you can participate and compete asynchronously from your own computer and neighborhood!

Club Membership is ON SALE! and starts at $10.00 per month. You can join anytime, and cancel your club membership anytime.

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Be Super, Human.

Borg Up Yourself.