Purpose: Canary.

14 thoughts on “Canary

  1. This Sunday, we will be demonstrating distributed cognition — downhill ski racing an invisible preset giant slalom course — wearing a blindfold—with The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System—exclusively from Global Tactile. A special thanks to The Friends of Global Tactile for your support. Peace & Love Y’all -Dr4 Scotty

  2. Presenting — Blind and Blindfolded Downhill Giant Slalom—With Jumps.

    Are You Ready For The Cyborg Evolution?

  3. We got the beat and the funk.

  4. Self-driving boat is almost completed. Then we’re developing avionics.

  5. Instructions for fractal search and rescue using the Neo-Luna Navigation System available shortly.

    Plus more Neo-Luna games, including cyborg capture the flag and lawn chess with jousting coming soon.

  6. On Monday, I will give a presentation on how to use our free Luna Navigator App for optimized search and rescue/recovery operations using fractal search patterns and a boundary map (3+ points) of any convex area.

    Paired with the Neo Controller, individuals and search parties can orchestrate optimal search tactics for speed and coverage. The parameters can be easily adjusted a priori to the physical specifics of the object and environment.

  7. Helmsman Series — kayak/canoe/sailboat autopilot/steering system with Neo Controller spline keyway socket coming soon.

  8. I Am The Vector God Too — Dionysus.

  9. Water splits rock. Follow the watercourse way. I Am Water.

  10. All Your Bays Are Belong To Us.

  11. Chain of custody. Check it. Have a nice day!

  12. Luna 2.0 release eminent. Neo Ship Controller now available. More big news in the pipeline…

  13. Luna 2.0 just released in 109 countries. Free in America. -Peace & Love, Y’all! -Dr4 😉

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