Project Contributors

Greetings From Our Artists And Project Contributors. These Are The Individuals And Agencies That Have Contributed Resources To The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System.

Executive Board

President & Creator
Christopher S Kallie, PhD

Vice President & Chief Of Human Resources
Theresa A Forney

Secretary & Artistic Consultant
Holly J Kallie

Treasurer & Media Consultant
Kelly M Smith


Operations & Sales Manager
Jason G Kallie

Grant Principal Investigators & Consultants

Principal Investigator
Christopher S Kallie, PhD — Global Tactile, LLC

Principal Investigator
Nicholas Giudice, PhD — University of Maine

Editorial Consultant
Gordon E Legge, PhD — University of Minnesota

Accessibility Consultant
Jeff Dittel — Britlan Ltd

Strategic Business Partners

Systems Engineer
Paul R Schrater, PhD

Artist & Social Media Consultant
Jody L Mayers

Contributing Artists

Musician & Media Consultant
Scott T Ruder

Featured Poet
Christina M R Norcross

Platinum Project Supporters

Platinum Supporters have contributed an amount equivalent to a maximum of $1M or up to 5,000 hours towards this project

Theresa A. Forney — LLC Member, Vice President, Neo-Luna Gamer, & Financial Investor

Holly J. Kallie — Secretary, Financial Investor, & Business Consultant

Lawrence G. “The Skipper” Kallie — Financial Investor & Business Consultant

National Eye Institute / National Institutes of Health — SBIR Grant Provider

Gold Project Supporters

Gold Supporters have contributed an amount equivalent to a maximum of $100,000 or up to 500 hours towards this project.

Angela B. – Business Consultant

Candace B. — Financial Investor

Jeff Dittel — Software Consultant

Nicholas Giudice — Validation Study Design — University of Maine

Yingchen — Research Consultant

Gordon E. Legge — Editor & Consultant — University of Minnesota

Kim & Kevin L. — Financial Investor

Sammy R. — Music Consultant

Jody L. Mayers — Social Media Consultant

Midwest Hardware Association — Accounting, Payroll, & Tax Preparation

Madisyn R. — Research Assistant

Scott R. — Music Consultant

Christina S. — Insurance Agent

Jennifer S. — Optometry Consultant

Paul R. Schrater — Systems Engineering Consultant — University of Minnesota

Kelly M. Smith — Treasurer & Media Consultant

Rebecca T. — Business Consultant

Silver Project Supporters

Silver Supporters have contributed an amount equivalent to a maximum of $10K or up to 50 hours towards this project

Dennis E. — Recreational Space Provider — A ski club

Kathleen G. — Artistic Consultant & Investor

Mary Lee H. — Grant Writing Consultant

Hartland BID — Business Network

Hartland Chamber Of Commerce — Business Network

Ethan K. — Recreational Consultant & Product Tester

Charlotte L. — Recreational Consultant & Product Tester

Robert O. — Financial Investor

PJ S. — Electrician & Electrical Systems Consultant

Mark W. — Property Manager

Bronze Project Supporters

Bronze Supporters have contributed an amount equivalent to a maximum of $1K or up to 5 hours towards this project

Gabriel “G” — Recreational Consultant & Product Tester

Adeline K. — Recreational Consultant & Product Tester

Anna K. — Marketing Consultant

Daisy L. — Recreational Consultant & Product Tester