Activity Listing

Over the past two years, Vice-President Theresa and I have documented numerous use cases of the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game Metasystem. Video clips will be published and updated as they are edited.

-Christopher Kallie, President & Creator

Optimal Search And Rescue Using Fractals


Use Neo Compass to navigate Geometric bearings on Land and Water. iPhone can be handheld, clipped to chest or hip, placed on deck, or mounted on console. Neo Controller can be used intermittently or continuously to check and correct course. The Neo Controller allows sighted and sightless feedback.

Use Luna Navigator to navigate courses, avoid submerged obstacles, and set virtual anchor locations.


Camping videos from our last two camping trips coming soon.

Canoe & Kayak Racing

Paddle invisible courses — with or without sight (without sight requires a spotter). Check out first video on this page.

Disc Golf Competition

One of the original Neo-Luna Games. Check out the first video on this page. More coming this spring.


Cyborg Fishing involves numerous tasks, including: 1) safely piloting your vessel through rivers, lakes, and flowages; 2) recording and finding your favorite fishing spots; 3) trolling your favorite fishing routes; 4) search and recovery missions; 5) anchoring; and much more!

Hunting & Gathering

Cyborg Hunting & Gathering involves using the Luna Navigator and optional Neo Controller to create and follow maps to personal and shared hunting and gathering spots — on land and water.

R/C Car & Boat Racing

Combined with the Neo Controller, the Neo Compass, Luna Navigator, and Vernier Apps can be used together for vehicle and vessel autopilot.

Sailing — demos this spring

Cybernetic Sailing & Inland-Lakes Sail & Boat Racing


Orienteering, Camping, & Trekking


Check out the first video on the top of this page. More Cross Country & Downhill Skiing & Ski Racing clips coming soon.