About Us

Game Reality — With The Newest Human-Machine Interaction Controller

Hello and Welcome to the future of controller technology…

I am Christopher Kallie — Creator of the Luna Navigator, Neo Controller, The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System, and The Neo-Luna Games.

As a child, I embraced our connection with our Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars. After years of creating technologies for blind pedestrians and lovers of the Great Outdoors, I developed a Navigation App and Game Controller that connects us all with our beautiful planet and with one another.

Made especially for fast-paced multitaskers in low-visibility and expansive spatial conditions, The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System is a new way to dynamically navigate and communicate with the world. It can be used for robust urban and rural navigation by anyone — sighted or blind — in any weather, any time of day — without being distracted by screens and speakers — enabling users to move about more freely in darkness and limited visual conditions. What’s really cool about this system is that it opens up the possibility for a myriad of other practical uses — from helping people navigate to new approaches for working and tasking, social networking, and reality gaming.

Come and visit us at Our Forum — Learn more about The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System — And see our newest and upcoming titles for The Neo-Luna Games.

See You Out In The Wild And Free!

President Christopher S. Kallie, Ph.D. — Creator