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Fireflies — A New Cyborg Game

Fireflies Cyborg Game — Now Available — For Immediate Press Release

The Original Cyborg Body Movement Game — Totally Free and Fun for Americans!


Number of Players: 1 to Millions

Object of Game:

Make and analyze records of your body movements with your iPhone. With the Luna Navigator, you can now Record and Save your body motion through space and time with Luna Logs. Luna Logs can be analyzed for your speed through a course, timing of hand and body motion, and more!

To Play:

Simply launch the Luna Navigator on your iPhone and press Record — on location or remotely during the event you wish to participate in. Perhaps a sailboat race or downhill ski race between friends, choreography and dancing, a competitive game of capture the flag, or participating in a world-wide Firefly Concert hosted by Global Tactile. Place your iPhone(s) in the hand(s), body-part(s), implement(s), machine(s), toy(s), or vehicle(s)/vessel console(s) you wish to track or control, launch Luna, and press Record. Luna Logs are universally coded to within 1 millisecond accuracy, so you can track yourself, vehicles, vessels, and/or accessories that you can buy or make — for free fun and games with friends — or choreograph and track people or machines with any of our Professional License(s).

For playing virtual music and choreography, use Luna Navigator in either hand — with up to 23 degrees of freedom being recorded 10 times per second! Optionally, you can introduce nearby magnetic objects like a pair of small steel rods for virtual magnetic tracking and recording! Add more iPhones, like one onto your torso, and a collection on hands, feet, and even tools for more accurate pointing — to create your symphony of movement and expression. Add an optional Neo Controller with Global Tactile’s Patent-Pending Tactile Reticle Technology — for the ultimate force-feedback wayfinding and control, or try a Neo Helmsman for remotely controlling boats and other steerable machines.

Escape Into Reality.

Borg Up Yourself.

Be Super, Human.

For competitive individual sports, we place the iPhone on a chest harness, like the one available in our Tactical Navigator Kit or Scout Master Kit. For boat and vehicle racing, we place the iPhone securely on the console(s) of our vehicle(s)/vessel(s). We like to fix our iPhone’s to the small of our backs for choreographed and free-lance dancing body-movements and routines.

Like your own performance or want to watch your own performance with your partner or team? You can easily analyze your own Luna logs, or you can share your Luna logs with Global Tactile, where we digitally recreate and render the entire scene of your movements with the rest of the players’ movements — virtually, worldwide. Plus it’s Totally Free for personal use in America!

Welcome to a Worldwide Game of Movement and Social Creativity — from competitive sports and racing, to music, social networking, and more, like finding your soulmate during our Worldwide Firefly Concerts — coming soon!

Personal Use is Free for American Individuals!

Professional use requires annually-renewable Professional Licensing.

Imagine after years of playing and mastering Fireflies and then sharing your favorite Firefly Memories, Moments, and Recreations with friends and more!

Escape Into Reality.

Borg Up Yourself.

Be Super, Human.

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