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Luna Navigator 1.0.0

Subtitle: Cybernetic Racing & Games

Category: Navigation, Games (Action & Racing)


Introducing the next-generation Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System by Global Tactile, LLC.

The Luna Navigator is designed for global, asynchronous, tactical gaming and racing. It is an intuitive, fast, and precise navigation and gaming application specifically tailored for iPhone users. When combined with the patent-pending force-feedback Neo Controller, the Luna Navigator provides exceptionally fast and high-performance sightless tactical navigation through Neo’s Tactile Reticle. The innovative Neo Controller enables navigation and control through a pair of tactile lines that users can perceive through touch or sight. This pioneering design allows for dynamic sightless navigation through force-feedback control.

Every tactical navigator knows how hard it can be to use a bright screen in the dark during sensitive missions. The Neo-Luna Navigation System is made to help with that. It lets users keep their vision sharp for the mission while still navigating well. This tool works great, and you can use it with or without looking at a screen. It gives smooth guidance for routes, whether you’re working alone or with others on maps, games, or missions.

The Luna app is versatile and works well with or without the Neo Controller. When used alone, Luna provides a simple and efficient text and vibration-based navigation system suitable for sighted, visually impaired, and tactical navigators. It can be carried, worn, or mounted in vehicles, offering hands-on or hands-free navigation options through sight or touch. When paired with the optional Neo Controller, Luna seamlessly works with Neo to provide superior touch-based navigation through Neo’s unique Tactile Reticle.

The Luna App and Neo Controller work well together in tough conditions. They can be used hands-on, even with protective clothing like pants, jackets, and gloves. They can also be used as a hands-free or body-worn system, or mounted for on-the-spot reference using sight, sound, or touch. The Neo-Luna Navigation System provides a strong, multi-purpose navigation experience, meeting users’ needs anytime and anywhere, all in one innovative package.

Features & Functions

What’s New In This Version


The recently introduced Anticipator function incorporates a variety of new features and benefits. For pedestrian and high-accuracy navigation through courses, choose a smaller number (e.g., Default = 4 meters). For anchoring to a location, choose 0. And for high-speed navigation through courses (e.g., on vehicles and vessels)


Magnification Stepper allows finer and coarser response between Luna’s and Neo’s Rotation. Default = 2 (same as Luna 0.1), ranges between 1 and 4.


Trim can be adjusted to accommodate new or modified tactile interfaces if software calibration is unavailable.


Luna 1.0 now featuring new and improved biometric tracking to keep you moving straighter and faster through tactical maneuvers and racing corses. Tracking mode is now displayed to allow easy and positive switching between Geometric tracking (recommended for vehicles & vessels) and Biometric tracking (for handheld and body-worn use).


The all-new Incognito switch allows stealth navigation and asynchronous and distributed location competitions.


Route information is now displayed for each selected route.


Waypoint information is now displayed for each waypoint during navigation, allowing dynamic updating of the present course.


Performance Cybernetics, Cyborg Gaming, Navigation, Blind Navigation, Tactical Missions

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0.1.2 Initial Release 2022

1.0.0 Release Early January 2023


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