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Setting Up Your Scout Master Kit

Congratulations on your maiden adventure with the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System. The Neo-Luna Scout Master Kit is our flagship product, and includes everything you need to become A Super-Human Cyborg Reality Gamer!

Are You Ready For The Next Challenge?

Step 1: Unboxing Your Neo-Luna Scout Master Kit

Slide Descriptions

  1. The Neo-Luna Scout Master Kit comes in two shipments, with the battery pack via USPS Ground Shipping and the rest via USPS Priority® Mail.
  2. Contents of Battery Pack — 1 Charger & 2 Batteries
  3. Unboxing Charger & Batteries. Batteries are pre-charged for your convenience. Trickle charge dead batteries for 5 hours.
  4. Contents of Neo-Luna Scout Master Kit: 1 Neo-Luna Field Bag w/ contents, & 1 Luna Control Pad
  5. Contents of Neo-Luna Field Bag: Inside: 1 Neo Rain Pouch w/ Neo Controller, 1 Neo-Luna Harness Kit w/ contents; Left-Hand Pockets (inner & outer): 3 Hardware Accessories, including 1 Screwdriver, 1 4-inch strip Velcro, & 1 spare Binding Post.
  6. Luna Control Pad Includes: 1 Felt Octagon, 1 Plywood Octagon, 1 Black Diamond, 1 White Diamond, and 1 Diamond Fastener. All or Parts of the Luna Control Pad can be placed inside on the bottom of the Neo-Luna Field Bag.
  7. The Neo Controller & a freshly charged battery pack ready to be inserted.
  8. Unscrewing the Binding Post can be done by hand (i.e., with thumb on Screw, and finger or thumb of opposite hand on opposing Binding Post. Alternatively, Binding Post can be unscrewed with supplied 2-in-1 screwdriver using slotted blade, or with a coin.
  9. View inside Neo Controller — Ready for battery insertion.
  10. Battery inserted — Note routing of battery wires. Wires must not overlap the major components or edges around lid.
  11. Aligning cover — Note that stud of Binding Post is aligned with lid. Snug screw with thumb, supplied screwdriver, or a coin.
  12. iPhone Pouch — works with any iPhone that does not have an Otter Box Clip.
  13. Setting up harness.
  14. Phone position (place phone inside iPhone Pouch.
  15. Otter Box Setup — Back View
  16. Otter Box Setup — Front View
  17. Otter Box Setup in place of iPhone Pouch
  18. iPhone Pouch clipped and ready to go (clip components after shoulder harness has been adorned.
  19. Accessory Hardware Location & View — 2-in-1 Screwdriver & Velcro: inner left pocket: Spare Binding Post: outer left pocket.
  20. Accessory Hardware — Velcro, Spare Binding Post, & 2-in-1 Screwdriver.

Video 1 — Starting up

Video 2 — Luna Control Pad

Video Descriptions

  1. Turning on, checking battery, system starting up, and calibration check.
  2. Choreography calibration and feed-forward play with Luna Control Pad.

Step 2: Using The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

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