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Chippewa Flowage Trip 2023

Vice-President Theresa and President Christopher went on Global Tactile’s 2nd Annual Chippewa Flowage trip for some more camping, fishing, and exploring with the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System.

Luna screen cap and location image of campsite — 387 kilometers from Global Tactile headquarters.

Last year’s campsite is 490 meters from this year’s campsite.

Luna screen cap and location image from boat — 2.4 kilometers from camp.

Half of dinner caught 2 kilometers from camp.

We beached on some sandy shorelines for some barefoot wilderness exploring and shore fishing.

Fishing with the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

Motor Boating, Navigating, and Line-Sighting with the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

Our shore dinner featured wild-caught Northern Pike with organic home-made seasoned flour breading, organic home-made tarter sauce, and home-made pasta salad with garden-fresh veggies.

We also have footage using the Neo-Luna Navigator in the dark with walkie-talkies and communication between shore and vessel. Check back later for more film and pics with Teri and Chris using The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System.

3 thoughts on “Chippewa Flowage Trip 2023

  1. @teri Thank you for a wonderful trip! We squeezed it all in: severe thunderstorms, 4” downpour, and gourmet cuisine. Typical days in paradise with you 🤠💕👸🏻

    1. It was amazing. Thank you for going with me. Love you ? ?

      1. I love you too, Theresa—Queen of Cybernetics ?????

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