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Neo-Luna Forum

Welcome to the forum. -Chris Kallie

An Informal Introduction to The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System by Chris Kallie

Introduction of The Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

Video Topics

Neo Controller

00:19 Checking Calibration
00:45 Installing Battery
01:20 Checking Battery
01:50 Convenient Carrying Suggestions

Luna Navigator: iPhone settings, Selecting Maps & Routes

02:20 iPhone settings (Use: Precise Location & Use True North)
02:40 Launching Luna & Connecting to Neo
03:21 Selecting A Map & Route
03:37 Pointing along a Route with the Neo Controller & Luna Navigator

Use Cases: Discreet, Tactical, or Casual

05:43 Discreet Use of Neo-Luna Navigation System (iPhone placed on side/hip with rugged case & belt clip)
07:03 Launch Luna, Select Map, Select Route
07:20 Using Luna Navigator in Vibration Mode Without Neo Controller
07:48 Switching from Vibration Mode to Fast-Pointer Mode, and vice versa
08:10 Sensing Direction with Neo Controller and Visual-Tactile Retical
08:49 iPhone Placement for Casual & Tactical Feedback
10:17 Discreet and Tactical Modes of Operation

Outdoor & Indoor Performance

10:58 Outdoor Location Performance: 3 meters or better (currently & improving)
12:02 Indoor Location Performance: 10 meters or better (current estimate)
12:40 Orientation Indoors (Luna reliably shows direction of travel indoors, to keep orientation)
13:40 Drop pin and make map for car parking location, home base, etc. for safe/easy orientation & return home
14:00 Use case examples (using Luna to access and leave building or forest after doing business to find current location and car direction)

Setting a Home Course — with The Luna Navigator

15:17 Overview of past study areas
15:50 Invisible Baseball Diamond example

Sail Away! — Your First Voyage Away From Home — with The Luna Navigator and Neo Controller

16:23 My first voyage away from home backstory
17:00 Biometric filter use case
17:20 Setting up a map for your first voyage (map examples coming soon)
17:50 Me blindfold testing the system
18:30 With Neo, you can perform a task without having to look away from your surroundings

19:13 Introduction to The Neo-Luna Games
19:39 User’s favorite Neo-Luna Game after trying all the games
20:12 User’s training and usage and difficulty using Neo-Luna
20:46 Why Gamer likes playing the Easter Egg Hunt
21:15 Neo as a musical instrument
21:30 Locations & Routes
21:50 Neo-Luna is not for obstacle detection or blindfolding — it’s for navigation

Lightning-Fast Tactical Return Home — with The Neo Controller

22:30 Real world events over the past year with Neo-Luna
22:50 Neo Controller saved its first user from trauma in a self-defense scenereo
23:30 Things Neo-Luna can do as a sighting and navigating tool, and a lot more
24:22 Me using Neo-Luna to cross-country ski on a 1000+ acre lake (images coming soon)
25:24 Me cross-country skiing to my home base across a large lake without knowing or seeing destination in dark
26:33 New biometric filter improves linearity of travel

Emergent properties of the Neo-Luna Navigation & Game System

26:50 New innovative technology yields emergent properties for many uses, including Outdoor and Reality Games
27:40 Using Neo-Luna For Camping and Motor Boating on the Chippewa Flowage

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