Beyond Imagination — Save your Vision for the Environment — Discover Nature with Unimaginable Tactical Precision and Speed — with The Neo-Luna Sightless / Multimodal Navigation System..


Introducing the Neo-Luna Navigation System

Experience the Thrill and Speed of Navigation-By-Touch, with High-Speed, Force-Positive, Orientation-Feedback Control Like You’ve Never Felt Before — Go Faster and Further — Be Safer and Have Fun — Navigate with Sheer Confidence and Control — Beyond Imagination.

Connect with your environment and get around more efficiently than you thought possible with all-new, exclusive, state-of-the-art, high-performance, sightless navigation and control — featuring the all-new bio-mechanical force-feedback Neo-Luna Navigation System, with patent-pending Tactile Reticle Technology.

  • Navigate efficiently and save your senses with the high-performance Luna Navigator.
  • Move with tactical speed and precision with the patent-pending Neo Controller.
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Neo-Luna Navigation System — Available Now!

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