…to the future of high-performance sightless navigation and control.

Save your senses for the environment with the all-new, patent-pending Neo-Luna Navigation System.

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The Neo-Luna Navigation System Is Available Now!

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I am Chris Kallie, Creator and President of Global Tactile, LLC. We are hosting a Fundraiser for further development of The Neo-Luna Controller and Beyond.

I have been studying human and computational vision, and developing technologies for the blind and visually impaired for the majority of my professional career. My most recent innovation is the Neo-Luna Navigation System, which is a high-performance sightless navigation solution that runs on the iPhone. See my Professional Biography to learn more about my contributions to science and professional history that culminated in this technology advancement.

Today, our current Neo-Luna Navigation System works exceptionally well for tech-savvy tactical navigators that want a high-performance, turn-key solution for sightless navigation tasks in the field. With our patent-pending Tactile Reticle technology, the Neo-Luna Navigation System gives users unprecedented freedom, speed, and control through the environment.

At Global Tactile, our ultimate goal is to fully unlock the freedom potential available through modern smartphones — to let everyone safely and easily navigate and perform tasks whenever and wherever they want.

Luna is currently on pre-sale download at the App Store Here, and the Neo Controller is on pre-sale Here.

We are hosting a Fundraiser to support further development of the Neo-Luna Navigation System and beyond.

Christopher S. Kallie, Ph.D
Creator & President
Global Tactile, LLC


Research reported in this press release was supported by National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health under award number R43EY032008. A percent and $218,583.00 were financed with Federal money and the remainder was financed by nongovernmental sources. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.