Imagine a world where blind pedestrians can navigate freely and autonomously with confidence and ease. Imagine being able to walk along any route, to any destination, with accuracy that rivals sighted walking. Imagine always knowing exactly where you are, and exactly where you are heading. Imagine never veering off course or getting disoriented again.

Global Tactile is solving these most challenging and fundamental navigation and accessibility hurdles for blind pedestrians. Our cutting-edge technologies will let blind pedestrians navigate indoors and outdoors with precision and confidence.

Our products in development will give true and unprecedented independence and freedom for blind users, giving them richer and more productive lives.


There are an estimated 23.7 million people in the U.S. with moderate to severe vision loss or blindness, with global estimates around 253 million. Despite the latest accessibility technologies, the fundamental problem of establishing and maintaining orientation remains a difficult and demanding problem for blind pedestrians.


It is impossible to walk a straight line without vision. In this short video, we see a blind pedestrian attempting to walk along a straight path.


By providing real-time location-based directional feedback cues through touch, and through the use of accurate positioning and orientation information, our technology eliminates veering while traveling outdoors and indoors.

Neuroscience Engineering

At Global Tactile, we are developing intuitive communication interfaces for people with visual impairments. Our newest trade secrets and intellectual properties comprise of a complete and unique system of communication and control that will change how people interact with technology and the environment. We look forward to sharing our creations with you in the near future.